Hello! I am Molly Malone, and I am a Twitter Management expert.

I help my clients increase their followers by 100-300 each day. I can set automatic posts that are organic, fresh new tweets that look like you are always there. I can RT people that you like, I can post information from websites that you like, I can make your twitter stream come alive.

Why do people use me? Easy... the more 'alive' your tweet stream is, the more people will WANT to follow you.

  • Politicians love this because followers are supporters, donors and voters.
  • Companies love this because followers are consumers
  • Bloggers love this, because the more followers & readers they have, the more money they can make off of website ads.
  • You will love this, because the more people that are exposed to your tweets & book promos, the more books you will sell.

But YOU were sent here for a special reason!!!

A very good friend of mine is an author. She has written a few books, which have all been self published. She has been trying to build a twitter presence, but it is a long, slow process. In as much as few self published writers are as well funded as corporations & campaigns, I was asked to make a special offer of my services to fit any budget. This is one of those friends that I just cannot say 'no' to, so here we go. I will:

  • Automatically follow like-minded Twitter users. Many of these will follow you back.
  • Automatically unfollow any that do not follow you back
  • Automatically schedule RTs of your favorite twitter users or authors
  • Automatically post tweets from RSS feeds of websites that you like
  • Automatically post "Follow my favorites @author names"
  • Automatically post as many tweets as you would like to write for rotation. These can be sales pitches, book quotes, whatever you like.
This is all done w/o any advertising on my part, I am completely behind the scenes, and no one need to know that you have help. My friend has been seeing 150-300 new followers every day.

My regular clients pay $600 a month for these services, but I have pledged to make the exact same services available for a mere $200 per month to the first 10 writers to sign up.

To take advantage of this Special discounted offer, click the button below. Payment of $200 per month is month to month, I do not make you sign a contract. you will stay with me, because you will love my service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

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